Stefan Molyneux tells the story of your enslavement

I was about to post a video of a conversation between Ryan Shea and Naval Ravikant, but decided that to anyone who doesn’t already understand the blockchain revolution, there wouldn’t be enough context to really understand it. So first I’ll post this to put the next post into context.

He calls them “tax farms”, but that’s an oversimplification. The real way the slavers profit off your sweat is by creating credit in such a way that YOU are on the hook to pay back. So ultimately you are a debt slave. Some of the debt is created on the government’s account, which you as a taxpayer are liable for, and some on private accounts. Either way, you pay it back, but never fast enough that the debt doesn’t keep accumulating until finally some of it is unpayable, which triggers a rapid chain-reaction of “cascading defaults”: A can’t pay B, so B can’t pay C, so C can’t pay D, and so on.

Your slavers have also set up the system so that when the unpayable debt implodes, you’re on the hook for taking a share of the losses, either by debasement of the currency, which decreases the spending power of your bank account, or, a new way called “bail-ins”, where some of your bank account or brokerage account is directly at risk of being defaulted on. Any way about it, the deck is stacked against you.

A fish doesn’t notice water. I don’t need to convince you; you’ll start noticing yourself once you’ve been primed to notice, and once you get access to some low-keyed information they don’t teach in school, or talk about on the corporate news-media. You can’t completely avoid getting shaken down, but once you understand what’s going on you can reduce your losses.

Here’s a book that explains how the money-making machine works for the slavers:

The Creature from Jekyll Island

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