Mainstream media is warning you about this threat to your job. Are you listening?

As a skeptic regarding the integrity of mainstream media news, I’m probably not the best man to ask why people believe the mainstream media’s lies about Syria, or who’s really behind terrorist attacks, or fabrications about Russia, but they don’t believe it when the media warns them that their jobs are on the line, which is one thing about which I actually DO believe them.

Robots Are Coming for Jobs of as Many as 800 Million Worldwide

The consulting company said Wednesday that both developed and emerging countries will be impacted.

It’s a global phenomenon. The USA was hit with job losses early, because of domestic economic policies that encouraged offshoring of jobs, but now the job losses are hitting countries like China and India that the jobs were offshored to. The USA will still get a lot more job losses, because unlike Germany and Japan, our industries have only just begun automating.

Machine operators, fast-food workers and back-office employees are among those who will be most affected if automation spreads quickly through the workplace.

My guess is that machine operators will be impacted because the machines will operate themselves! Fast food workers will be impacted because fast food is by nature relatively easy to standardize and therefor to automate. You’ll order from a kiosk. There might be one guy running around in the back taking care of the machines that prepare the food, though eventually one robot will feed supplies to another robot, and the robots will make their own service calls when they need service or maintenance. Your order will pop out the chute.

Another reason fast food jobs will be one of the first to disappear is because rising minimum wages are forcing franchises to pay higher labor costs despite market wage pressure going the opposite direction. I noticed a long time ago that wages have been stagnating for most professions, and in many cases not keeping up with rising costs of living, which is effectively the same thing as going down. But rising minimum wages mean that the jobs that contribute the least to profitability being forced up against the tide. That guarantees that minimum-wage jobs will be among the first to disappear.

Minimum-wage jobs won’t be the only ones to be automated, though. Jobs that require skill, but no creativity, can also be automated. That will take out a lot of what had been high-paying jobs.

The good news for those displaced is that there will be jobs for them to transition into, although in many cases they’re going to have to learn new skills to do the work. Those jobs will include health-care providers for aging populations, technology specialists and even gardeners, according to the report.

By “health-care providers”, they mean people doing routine care for elders. I wouldn’t count on that, since most elders will be broke! Gardening is hard to automate (gardens are too variable), but I would guess that as urbanization continues, and people become less interested in nature, and more interested in virtual realities, that gardening jobs will be sparse. I suspect there will be jobs for doing personal services for the rich, but I wouldn’t count on being one of those people; there won’t be enough openings, and seemingly modern rich seem to like to leave plenty of distance between themselves and the hired help. There was a reason that in the book Brave New World, 90% of the population are low-intelligence gammas, deltas, and epsilons.

By the way, I am NOT predicting that a highly-automated future, with mass unemployment, is going to happen. There’s another possibility that I think is rather more likely: system crash due to running out of resources, financial breakdown, and other problems all coming to a head. But it’s almost certainly one fate or the other.

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