Is your experience of medical care like mine?

I don’t know what your experience of medical-care is, but my guess is that the system isn’t set up to be highly individualized.

This is my experience of health-care:

  • The clinic assigned me a doctor, informing me that I didn’t have any choice in the matter when I asked if a specific doctor had any openings.
  • The doctor ignores anything I tell him. He is not interested in treating any conditions I bring up.
  • He prescribes screening procedures based on my age and gender, seemingly without any other consideration or factor.
  • I burn up time complying with procedures to screen for conditions that I am unlikely to have due to personal characteristics they didn’t ask about.
  • It’s not a conspiracy on the part of the doctor; the insurance company refused to pay for a cat-scan to investigate a condition I brought up. While I was doubled over and passing out from pain, they dubbed it “medically un-necessary”.

My guess is that medical care nationwide is being statistically-designed. Someone makes a case that certain procedures applied to anyone who fits some statistical profile will save more lives at a lower cost than actually treating people on an individual, case-by-case basis. An analogy would be to a large-scale livestock raising operation, where they PROACTIVELY feed ALL the livestock antibiotics instead of treating individual animals.

I would not count on the accuracy of their statistical assumptions. Aside from my lack of confidence in their models, I would also guess that there is a lot of moral hazard in the planning process.

A trend continues until it exhausts itself. You’re on your own. Take care of your own health as best you can.

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