Don’t let this tragedy happen to you: man committed suicide after discovering this

Heartbroken boyfriend found dead in woods just days after discovering his girlfriend ‘was pregnant with another man’s baby’

A heartbroken bar worker was found dead just days after he found out his girlfriend had cheated on him and was pregnant with another man’s baby, an inquest heard. Lee Webb’s body was found in Leckwith Woods in Cardiff on October 23 last year. About a week earlier, the 28-year-old had discovered his girlfriend was pregnant by another man, the inquest at Cardiff Coroner’s Court heard.

The two most common reasons people commit suicide are depression and becoming emotionally distraught. This was one of the second type. If they can simply hold out until they calm down, they cease being suicidal.


  • No matter how much you love, you don’t have to become emotionally dependent on anyone. Emotional dependency isn’t love, and won’t help the relationship.
  • Don’t be naive or have unrealistic expectations of other people. Cheating is common.
  • Master your emotions. Normally, your emotions over-ride your higher reasoning, but if you train yourself, you can maintain a rational frame of mind when strong emotions hit.

Stay safe in your relationships. Don’t go into one before you’re inoculated against tragedy.

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