Welcome RoK readers!


Roosh hinted that you might eat me alive. If so I’m sure I deserve it.

If you made it this far, your curiosity serves you well! Now let’s get right down to business. What can I do for you? This website is for your benefit more than mine. I’m just passing along what was passed to me. There’s a lot of ground to cover, and not much time. So I need to know what is the most important thing that I can do for you.

My own observations are that young people today have some obstacles in their way that are interfering with their ability to start careers and families. Let’s see if Ganesha can help us remove those obstacles! He is also a patron of auspicious beginnings!

There are also some hazards you face that you might not realize just yet. One of my objectives is to warn you.

I’ve been making a lot of posts that are short essays, but now with my official launch (if it doesn’t flop), I’d like to start shifting into more and more stories. I have plenty. Also excerpts of unpublished non-fiction books.

Maybe none of my stories is relevant to your needs. Feel free to ask questions in the forums. I can’t guarantee personal answers to everyone every time, but if you’re willing to post it on the forums I’ll give it a shot, or maybe someone else will. If you want to know something about one-night-stands ask Roosh; that’s his department, not mine. I married young & so far have stayed that way! But I probably can help quite a bit with all sorts of kinds of relationships. I have a book on the topic that I will start publishing serially here when the time is right.

Have a look around. Feel free to give me feedback regarding your needs and interests. Don’t be afraid to sign up for a subscription; it’s free for a whole year if you use the discount code, and at $12 a year it’s cheap. If I give you one idea worth $1 per month, then it’s worth it! You do have to sign in to Paypal Express; sorry about that; it was a quick-and-dirty way to set this up, for someone who doesn’t have a lot of spare time on his hands. If you get cold feet, you can back out. This venture is not my primary means of making a living; I went through hell in the shrink-wrapped software industry (and have lots of hair-raising stories to tell…), saved up my stock options and bonuses, invested them, and am living off the income generated by my investments. I do however have lots of small income streams, which has always been typical of the way I lived, and you might want to consider it too, because “good jobs” are already getting scarce and unreliable. If you have multiple streams of income, and lose any one, you have the rest of them coming in while you try to replace the one you lost.

This is less of a commercial venture than a collaborative community for mutual benefit. And those require some commitment from the beneficiaries.

This is a relatively new website, and currently one man is both webmaster and content producer, so unfortunately I can not guarantee things will always go smoothly. One thing that might be confusing is that between this theme I am using, and most of the login plugins not working with recent versions of the content-management software, there are several different ways of logging in, that obviously don’t look the same, none of them are particularly conspicuous, and some of them have bugs or incompatibilities in them making it difficult to cleanly log out. If you try to look at members-only content, you’ll get prompted to log in, by one way or another. Your patience and understanding are appreciated! Later in the year, a few more authors will show up to help with the workload and provide you with interesting content outside of my expertise. Let me know by contact form if you run into show-stopping obstacles. Then by the grace of Ganesha I’ll try to do something about them!