Do you want to be respected?

Do you want to find a satisfying way of earning an income that will support a family?

Would you like to learn marketable skills without getting into debt?

Would you be interested in learning how to learn faster and easier, and enjoy it?

Are you concerned about rising unemployment and under-employment among new grads?

Would you like to find someone worth spending the rest of your life with? Or put some spark in a relationship you already have?

Would you like to start a family? Do you want to be a great dad?

Most men assume that successes are the result of just “being” smart. But being “smart” just means you learn fast. You still don’t know how to succeed until you learn how.

And that’s not something you can take a class in. I’ve known too many men with PhDs who have no idea how to make a living; the whole point of getting an advanced degree was in the hopes that if their credentials were impressive enough, maybe someone else would figure out how to make them useful enough to be worth paying! Much less did they have any idea how to find someone to share their lives with, or raise children.

I’ve also known a few men who never bothered with college because they started their own businesses from a young age. They learned from their experiences before they were even college-age.

Unfortunately, you don’t usually have much control over your experiences until you’re already grown-up.

The good news is that there is a way to learn from someone else’s experience: that’s what stories are.

In ancient times, stories were tribal experiences passed along from one generation to another, so that each generation wouldn’t have to learn everything the hard way–especially when some lessons were fatal.

In modern times, most of the “lessons” are commercial or governmental propaganda; you’re not the beneficiary, someone else is. But that’s not what this website is about. This website is about your needs. My stories are all about life lessons I learned, mostly the hard way. I have lots of them.

Would you like to hear them?